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Players Wanted for Grand Opening

July 19, 2014 (PW Updates)

Grand Opening!

The sheer mention of Role Playing Games once painted a vivid image of neck-bearded troglodytes tossing dice in their mom’s basement, through cheeto-smeared fingers and a heavy cloud of body odor; luckily the geek stereotype that pervaded the pop culture of the 80s and 90s is seemingly a thing of the past. No longer are the Anthony Michael Hall’s of John Hughes lore, the way that we define “nerdiness”, and we at Players Wanted are here to nurture a new generation of gamers!

While some have developed an elitist attitude towards the growing popularity of tabletop games, trying to weed out those that they claim are not “real nerds”, we couldn’t help but disagree with this mentality. Sure, no one wants to be culturally appropriated, and nerds are no exception, but there are just some things you can’t fake… The time and dedication that we put into our games, our skills, our decks, and our characters, just can’t be co-opted or reproduced inauthentically. Whether you call yourself a nerd, a geek, a gamer, a guy, a girl, a robot, edward, old, young, rich, poor, lonely, popular, outgoing, shy or tired of reading this damn list… come by and play a game with us; We’d love to meet you! Anyone who has time for a game, is alright in our books.

We’re thrilled to be hosting our Grand Opening this Saturday, July 19th, and hope to see both familiar and unknown faces walk through our door. We have a ton of great programs, events and tournaments in the works and can’t wait to get things started.

Thank-you to everyone who has supported us since Players Wanted was a nameless dream, and to all the supporters we haven’t met yet.

It means a lot.