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» Player Points Program

We at Players Wanted want to reward our customers for supporting and participating at our store. To do this, we’ve created the Player Points Program. We’d like for you to think of it as creating your very own character or avatar in our store! So, how does it work?


Supporting the store by purchasing our products? Your character will earn Player Points, the currency of our program. Player Points have two uses in our store:

* To discount future purchases
* To claim items that can only be gained by spending Player Points, such as exclusive Players Wanted branded goods (e.g. t-shirts, play mats, dice boxes)

The more you buy, the more money your character earns!


Participating at our store by being a part of the community? Earn achievements to level up your character! With each level, you’ll be rewarded with a perk that you randomly select. The higher your level, the better your chances will be at getting an awesome perk! To check out how you can participate in our community, sign up in store by speaking to a staff member. Afterwards, go to our Members page and type in your email address to see a list of all the achievements you can earn!

Want to see what achievements there are? Use email to take a look!

We hope you’ll enjoy growing your character and being a part of our community!