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» DreadBall Season 2 Playoffs

When? 07/02/2015 - 12:00 pm - 6:00 pm

Tags: dreadball, league, sports

Coaches, all of your hard work will culminate into a glorious day of slamming and scoring! All teams will participate but those of you who have done the best during the regular season will earn the benefit of being seeded.

Before the game starts, every player will take part in an open auction for the MVP’s. Purchasing an MVP will give you exclusive rights for your usage. However, MVP’s who are destroyed on the field cannot be used further in the playoffs.

Everyone will be given (250-Team Value) of MC to spend on the auction. Any leftover MC can only be used for roster recruitment. Any remaining MC will be discarded. Teams will be allowed to keep their pre-playoff MC total for use in the tournament.

All teams will play in a Best of 1 “Playoff Berth” tournament with the top four teams being seeded. The top 4 teams will then play in the DreadBall Championship right after!

Each DreadBall Championship round will consist of 2 matches and 3 rounds will be played. Every team will play as home and away with score differentials and wins/losses recorded. The player with the most Wins, followed by Strike Differential will be our Season 2 Dreadball Champion!