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Spring Cleaning Events & Sale (Mar 25-27)

March 21, 2016 (Board Games, Card Games, Hordes, PW Updates, RPG, Video Games, Warmachine)

TL;DR: Easter long weekend up to 40% off, extra events and extra prizes for some of our regular events! Please share this and come to our sale/events!

Phew, spring cleaning was a lot of work! We’re finished our part, but we need you to help us with the final step. We need you to come to our sale happening on March 25-27!

* All products in store are 10% off (except CCGs, Comics, and Trade Paperbacks)
* Warmachine/Hordes 30% off
* D&D products and Board Games up to 40% off

We’re also celebrating our spring cleaning and the Easter long weekend with tons of events. Check out the list below!


* Board Game Blitz tournament! Test your luck and skill in 4 different games and stake your claim as the Players Wanted BG Blitz Champion!

* FNM: All participating players will receive a Deathbringer Regent promo in addition to the usual promos handed out (while supplies last)!


* We’re hosting a Hearthstone tournament! Will you be the top Patron and be the Tavern Hero representing the Players Wanted Bed & Breakfast inn? Make sure to signup and read the tournament rules!

* Don’t forget that Bring Your Own Device Day is happening! We’ll have a Smash Wii U Singles tournament happening at 6PM, but we’ll have a setup at 3:30PM for friendlies as usual.


* Game demos all day long! We’ll be demoing Dreadball and many different board games. Check out our demo games list to see what you could be playing!

* D&D: Get a free reroll by showing your DM a receipt with a purchase of $20 or more during our sale! Stop that critical fail from ruining your plans! Make sure to signup for a DM’s table!

Super Smash Bros Wii U/3DS

April 27, 2015 (Video Games)

Recently we’ve started holding some video and computer game events on the last Saturday of each month. Our most popular game by far is Super Smash Bros Wii U/3DS so we thought we’d share some great content we’ve found that will help you perfect your game or give you some good laughs.

Don’t understand some of the terms other people are throwing around? Check out Smashboards’ Glossary. You should be able to find any term you’ve heard here!

Looking to learn or brush up on the fundamentals of the game? Check out the Smash Theory playlist by Rush Hour Smash. If you don’t know some of the terms being used in the video, use the glossary linked above!

Looking for specific information on a specific character? Check out the Smashboards Forums. They have a wealth of information that is sure to teach you something new.

If you’re looking for some video entertainment containing the Smash scene in general, check out YouTube channel GRsmash. Their Top-10 type videos capture some of the best moments in competitive play. If you’re looking for some entertainment only for the latest edition of the game, check out the YouTube channel AlpharadTV. His character 101 videos may suit particular tastes only (there is also some coarse language), but if you like them you’ll probably be very amused. There are many more places where you’ll find entertainment such as the gifs posted on the Smash Bros subreddit so be sure to search around!

Time to Smash! Super Smash Bros for 3DS Tournament

October 15, 2014 (Video Games)

To celebrate the new Super Smash Brothers for the 3DS, we will be hosting a series of tournaments. Come on down and join us to try and reach the top or just play casually!

The tournament will be on Sunday, October 19 with a $2 Entry Fee for each format. The formats are as follows:


Singles Tournament
– Single Elimination
– 4 Stock with a 10 minute time limit
– Default characters only
– No items
– Random stages in Omega mode
– No Mii Fighters


Singles Tournament w/ Customizations
– Single Elimination
– 4 Stock with a 10 minute time limit
– Custom characters is allowed
– No items
– Random stages in Omega mode


Singles Mii Fighter Only Tournament
– Single Elimination
– 4 Stock with a 10 minute time limit
– Mii Fighters only
– No items
– Random stages in Omega mode


The winner of each format will take around 80% of the prize pool in store credit. See you there!