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Spring Cleaning Events & Sale (Mar 25-27)

March 21, 2016 (Board Games, Card Games, Hordes, PW Updates, RPG, Video Games, Warmachine)

TL;DR: Easter long weekend up to 40% off, extra events and extra prizes for some of our regular events! Please share this and come to our sale/events!

Phew, spring cleaning was a lot of work! We’re finished our part, but we need you to help us with the final step. We need you to come to our sale happening on March 25-27!

* All products in store are 10% off (except CCGs, Comics, and Trade Paperbacks)
* Warmachine/Hordes 30% off
* D&D products and Board Games up to 40% off

We’re also celebrating our spring cleaning and the Easter long weekend with tons of events. Check out the list below!


* Board Game Blitz tournament! Test your luck and skill in 4 different games and stake your claim as the Players Wanted BG Blitz Champion!

* FNM: All participating players will receive a Deathbringer Regent promo in addition to the usual promos handed out (while supplies last)!


* We’re hosting a Hearthstone tournament! Will you be the top Patron and be the Tavern Hero representing the Players Wanted Bed & Breakfast inn? Make sure to signup and read the tournament rules!

* Don’t forget that Bring Your Own Device Day is happening! We’ll have a Smash Wii U Singles tournament happening at 6PM, but we’ll have a setup at 3:30PM for friendlies as usual.


* Game demos all day long! We’ll be demoing Dreadball and many different board games. Check out our demo games list to see what you could be playing!

* D&D: Get a free reroll by showing your DM a receipt with a purchase of $20 or more during our sale! Stop that critical fail from ruining your plans! Make sure to signup for a DM’s table!

D&D – Better Maps

August 26, 2015 (RPG)

If you’re like us, you draw your dungeon map on a battlemat and sketch out your world map on a loose sheet of paper. We recently found a great site called Fantastic Maps. This site has tips for your map making ranging anywhere from techniques to show height differences in your battle environment, creating a sketch of a system of caverns for your dungeon delve adventure, or even sharing free world map assets!

There’s a lot of material, so definitely check it out. It might help bring your maps and encounters to the next level!

RPGs and Tracking Initiative

May 26, 2015 (RPG)

We’ve built a rather large D&D 5e community here at Players Wanted. We’re rather happy about that, but what’s surprising has been the large number of Dungeon Masters (that is, the player who tells the story of the game) who have volunteered to run games and the number of players who have been learning the ropes on how to DM. A large part of this is due to our resident drop-in D&D organizer, Duncan. The world needs more DMs, and he’s certainly been helping with that!

A tip for all you newbie and veteran DMs. To help run combat a little more smoothly, you may want to consider using initiative cards. Basically you take pieces of paper, fold it in half, write the name of the players/npc and hang it over your DM screen! You can even place smaller, folded pieces of paper on top of the players to keep track of any status effects affecting the player. More than once have we seen levels of exhaustion forgotten, or that an enemy was blinded!

initiative cards on a DM screen

An example of how initiative cards might look

We found templates from a blogger named Alex, but for 4th edition D&D. About half of the templates should be relevant and with a little bit of editing in your favourite image editing software, you can create any other status effects you might need. We’ve left the unusable conditions in case you just wanted to replace the words on it with 5th edition conditions. Hopefully these will help make your sessions go more smoothly!

D&D 5e Free Adventure Material

January 15, 2015 (RPG)

We’ve been pleasantly surprised by how many people have been picking up the Dungeon Master’s Guide for D&D 5e. As D&D lovers ourselves, we’d like to share some adventures we found. The quality varies and they’re mostly good for 1-3 sessions, but they’re also free. We hope you’ll be able to make good use of these adventures!

If you’re interested in playing D&D 5e or being a dungeon master, email us or come to our drop-in D&D sessions!

If any of the links no longer work, please send us an email and we’ll see if we can send you the PDF file instead.

The Wizard’s Amulet (for level 1 characters)

You’ll need to go through a checkout process even though it’s free. This adventure can be picked up and played right away as it comes with pre-generated characters and many tips for the newbie DM. It will probably last a single 3-4 hour session. There is some decent artwork in here and the author provides tips on how to scale the difficulty of each encounter. The DM also has a lot of background on the NPCs and city/landscape to work with.

Secrets in the Dark (for level 1-2 characters)

A one session adventure. The only concern for level 1 characters is a trap that deals more damage than a level 1 character might have. You might want to scale this down! Otherwise, the author provides scaling options depending on how many PCs you have. There’s also some flavour added to the villains for the DM to roleplay with.

The Mystery of Malvern Manor (for level 1-4 characters)

A one session adventure. The adventure is fairly straightforward and linear. The author provides scaling based on your party’s level.

Stonefast (for level 3 characters)

Can take up to two sessions to complete. A straightforward dungeon crawl with a detailed map and encounters for each area of the map. The difficulty of encounters range greatly so you’ll want to look at each encounter and adjust accordingly.

Frigga’s Chosen (for level 4-6 characters)

A fairly straightforward dungeon crawl that will last up to two sessions. There is a fair bit of background given. You’ll need the Monster Manual for the creature stats though.

The Town of Bridgepuddle (for level 5-8 characters)

This adventure takes as long as your PCs wish to explore the town of Bridgepuddle, which we think would go upwards of three sessions. What the DM does in this adventure is very open ended as the book provides more of a description of many mini encounters options rather than telling you what exactly to do. You may want to change some of the wealth found to better suit your campaign.

The Cry of a Daughter (for levels 5-10)

A one session dungeon crawler. There’s a decent background for the DM to use or expand on and some interesting roleplay opportunities, but you’ll need the Monster Manual for the creature statistics it suggests you use for combat. There is a little bit of scaling advice given for the strongest encounter too.

The Gift of the Gnarled One (for level 6-10 characters)

This is likely a one session adventure. It has some roleplay opportunities and has a decent background, but you’ll need the Monster Manual for creature statistics. There is some scaling advice given for the strongest encounter.

Fires of Hell (any character level)

This adventure is specifically used in the case of a Total Party Kill (TPK) though the author provides an alternative hook if you want to run this without a TPK. It’s very detailed and will likely last several sessions. There’s a lot of background and flavour and a variety of different types of encounters with plenty of opportunities for roleplaying.

There are so many more free adventures out there, but we can’t look at them all! You can find many more on DriveThruRPG. Happy adventuring!