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Spring Cleaning Events & Sale (Mar 25-27)

March 21, 2016 (Board Games, Card Games, Hordes, PW Updates, RPG, Video Games, Warmachine)

TL;DR: Easter long weekend up to 40% off, extra events and extra prizes for some of our regular events! Please share this and come to our sale/events!

Phew, spring cleaning was a lot of work! We’re finished our part, but we need you to help us with the final step. We need you to come to our sale happening on March 25-27!

* All products in store are 10% off (except CCGs, Comics, and Trade Paperbacks)
* Warmachine/Hordes 30% off
* D&D products and Board Games up to 40% off

We’re also celebrating our spring cleaning and the Easter long weekend with tons of events. Check out the list below!


* Board Game Blitz tournament! Test your luck and skill in 4 different games and stake your claim as the Players Wanted BG Blitz Champion!

* FNM: All participating players will receive a Deathbringer Regent promo in addition to the usual promos handed out (while supplies last)!


* We’re hosting a Hearthstone tournament! Will you be the top Patron and be the Tavern Hero representing the Players Wanted Bed & Breakfast inn? Make sure to signup and read the tournament rules!

* Don’t forget that Bring Your Own Device Day is happening! We’ll have a Smash Wii U Singles tournament happening at 6PM, but we’ll have a setup at 3:30PM for friendlies as usual.


* Game demos all day long! We’ll be demoing Dreadball and many different board games. Check out our demo games list to see what you could be playing!

* D&D: Get a free reroll by showing your DM a receipt with a purchase of $20 or more during our sale! Stop that critical fail from ruining your plans! Make sure to signup for a DM’s table!

Efficient Board Game Storage

October 26, 2015 (Board Games)

Sometimes you love a board game enough to purchase their expansions. You love it enough to sleeve the cards, separate its various pieces into different baggies, and so on. Then you start running into the problems. You begin hearing “it doesn’t fit in the box anymore” or “it’s a pain to carry 6 different boxes to play this game” or “this game is such a pain to organize”.

Not all board games have solutions, but some certainly do! Take for instance the board game Legendary: A Marvel Deck Building Game. It’s a fantastic game with at least 7 expansions, but if you own all the expansions you have over 1500 cards to sort into many different categories. To make things even more complicated, players choose sets of cards to begin the setup of the game, but each set has a different number of attributes that you can’t see unless you look at the card itself. A fan took it upon himself to create his own dividers for the game to help neatly organize everything.

One of our community members decided to give it a try and showed us the result. There was a lot of ooh’ing and aah’ing:

legendary board game custom storage

legendary board game custom storage close up

Using this, he cut down the number of boxes he needed to carry down to two and everything became neatly organized with important information easy to obtain at a glance. While this example was for Legendary, try searching around and seeing if there’s something similar for your favourite board game!

Board Games and Sleeves

June 16, 2015 (Board Games)

Sleeves are a great way to make sure the cards in your board games are protected and we sleeve many of our demo games for that purchase. However, different board games have different sized cards to the point where it can get really confusing what sleeve size works best for the board game you’re trying to protect. Thankfully, someone has created to help you figure out what sleeves you need! Bonus if you have your board game list on BoardGameGeek as it will recommend you a sleeve size for your entire collection.

We hope that this tool will help make protecting your board games a little bit easier!

Players Wanted Board Game Menu

April 9, 2015 (Board Games)

We mentioned BoardGameMenu a few months back, which is a site that helps you decide what board game to play from your collection. Well, the creator was kind enough to create a custom page for the demo games we have at Players Wanted! The next time you’re thinking about what game we have that you’d like to try (say on our Tuesday or Thursday board game nights), go to the Players Wanted custom page and change the number of players in the link in your browsers address bar to match how many players you have.

Some of the new features the site has that you might be interested are seeing a list of the top games by certain categories (e.g. family games, party games, strategy games) and games that have been trending in the past week, past year, or all time. You can also use the more advanced features to compare and contrast game collections (e.g. your game collection vs. most popular strategy games to see what popular strategy games you don’t own yet). Hopefully these additional features help you out. Happy board gaming!

Board Games Video Reviews

March 1, 2015 (Board Games)

Board games can sometimes be quite difficult to purchase as there are so many options at so many different price points. How is a person supposed to be sure she’ll enjoy a game before opening it? One of the main ways to do this is watching video reviews. We’d like to share some of the channels we personally watch!

If you like a bit of flair and entertainment while watching a game play out, TableTop by Geek and Sundry might be a good bet. The idea of the show is that the host, Wil Wheaton, invites several personalities of different backgrounds to come and play a board game (or two). He explains the core rules of the game while explaining more specific ones as they crop up during the game itself. The games shown are generally of the lighter fare, though sometimes there is a heavy game here or there thrown in.

If you’re simply looking for an explanation of the game rules along with a long time board gamer’s opinion of the game, you may want to look at The Dice Tower series. The rules of the game are explained at the beginning and the opinions come soon after.

These are the two channels we primarily go to but there are many more resources out there. A Reddit user posted their findings and it seems like a great list that includes the two resources we use as well. Take a look and see if any of them work for you!