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Founded on the principle of good gaming and good people, Players Wanted Games & Collectibles strives to combine gaming culture with the love and joy of in-person interactions.

Players Wanted is working to break down the notion of the solitary gamer lifestyle by encouraging openness, interaction, and acceptance. With over 600 sq/ft of play area, our focus is on bringing people together regardless of age, gender, orientation, race, background or experience level to share with them some of the things that we love most.

owner Edward Wong

Edward Wong, Owner

Born and raised in Vancouver, Edward first got into gaming when he was introduced to Magic: The Gathering at the age of 10. Since then, he’s delved into many other types of gaming. He began playing computer and video games, was introduced to board games via Risk and Munchkin, and played various miniature and tabletop strategy games.

While enjoying the various aspects of gaming, he began to realize that he wasn’t satisfied with the way game stores were being operated. They focused on one or two aspects of gaming and left the rest on the wayside. Why was there not a place where all aspects of gaming could be celebrated? And thus, Players Wanted Games & Collectibles was born.