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RPGs and Tracking Initiative

May 26, 2015 (RPG)

We’ve built a rather large D&D 5e community here at Players Wanted. We’re rather happy about that, but what’s surprising has been the large number of Dungeon Masters (that is, the player who tells the story of the game) who have volunteered to run games and the number of players who have been learning the ropes on how to DM. A large part of this is due to our resident drop-in D&D organizer, Duncan. The world needs more DMs, and he’s certainly been helping with that!

A tip for all you newbie and veteran DMs. To help run combat a little more smoothly, you may want to consider using initiative cards. Basically you take pieces of paper, fold it in half, write the name of the players/npc and hang it over your DM screen! You can even place smaller, folded pieces of paper on top of the players to keep track of any status effects affecting the player. More than once have we seen levels of exhaustion forgotten, or that an enemy was blinded!

initiative cards on a DM screen

An example of how initiative cards might look

We found templates from a blogger named Alex, but for 4th edition D&D. About half of the templates should be relevant and with a little bit of editing in your favourite image editing software, you can create any other status effects you might need. We’ve left the unusable conditions in case you just wanted to replace the words on it with 5th edition conditions. Hopefully these will help make your sessions go more smoothly!

Modern Masters 2015

May 13, 2015 (Card Games)

Modern Masters 2015 is just around the corner! Here are a couple pieces of information that you might want to know about the latest Magic: The Gathering set.

Release day is May 22nd, so we’ll be hosting a draft on that day! If you want to read up on some draft advice, check out this Channel Fireball article that looks at what strategies and synergies the allied colours might have.

Also since we’re hosting the Modern Masters 2015 draft on a Friday, you’ll have a chance at netting an FNM promo card! We distribute them randomly and give them out to the winners. Check out May, June and July’s FNM promos!

Here are the cards that will be in the set. There was a spoiler in mid-April but there were inaccuracies in it so you’ll want to take a look again if you haven’t checked recently.

Come join us on release day as we can’t wait to see what people pull from their draft packs!