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Players Wanted MTG League Unveiling

October 30, 2014 (Card Games)

MTG players, are you looking for some organized play with higher stakes and greater fun? Then join our very own Players Wanted MTG League! The best part is you’re automatically a part of the league if you come to our Friday Night Magic (FNM) or Monday Night Magic (MNM) events!

At the end of every season (generally around four months), we’ll have a special FNM event. Using our Player Points Achievement system, we’ll be handing out tokens of appreciation to those who have attended the greatest number of MTG events we’ve held and to the winningest players of the season. For event details, check out our season 1 finale post.

The first season was secretly started when our achievements system was launched (Oct 10, 2014) and will end after FNM on Jan 2, 2015. We hope you’ll take part in our league and have a great time while doing so. Best of luck to all participants!


October 19, 2014 (Dreadball Coverage)

With the finals match up between Damage Control and Dark Side of Dredd playing out, we’re now ready to start taking signups for Season 2! Do you have what it takes to be the last team standing? The prize of prizes awaits!

Come on down or send us a message and we’ll sign you up. We’re expecting some expansion teams to be joining the league to make for an even more exciting season than the last!

Time to Smash! Super Smash Bros for 3DS Tournament

October 15, 2014 (Video Games)

To celebrate the new Super Smash Brothers for the 3DS, we will be hosting a series of tournaments. Come on down and join us to try and reach the top or just play casually!

The tournament will be on Sunday, October 19 with a $2 Entry Fee for each format. The formats are as follows:


Singles Tournament
– Single Elimination
– 4 Stock with a 10 minute time limit
– Default characters only
– No items
– Random stages in Omega mode
– No Mii Fighters


Singles Tournament w/ Customizations
– Single Elimination
– 4 Stock with a 10 minute time limit
– Custom characters is allowed
– No items
– Random stages in Omega mode


Singles Mii Fighter Only Tournament
– Single Elimination
– 4 Stock with a 10 minute time limit
– Mii Fighters only
– No items
– Random stages in Omega mode


The winner of each format will take around 80% of the prize pool in store credit. See you there!

Announcing Players Points Achievements!

October 10, 2014 (PW Updates)

We’re proud to announce the release of the other half of our Player Points program: achievements!

Interact with us by taking part in events and tournaments to complete achievements and earn experience points (XP)! Earn enough XP and you’ll level up and earn yourself a Perk, which can be anything from a simple can of pop, to discounts on our products, or even free entry in tournaments we host! So you’re wondering, how does it work? To get started, all you need is to create an account with your email in store. Once that’s done or if you’re already in our Player Points program, read below!

The Leaderboard


The first thing you’ll see when you go to our members page is the leaderboard. Here, the 10 highest leveled players will appear. The top three positions get special treatment as you can see!

To access your own achievements though, you’ll want to type the email address you gave us to sign up for the Player Points program then hit the search button. You’ll then see…

Your Achievements


…the whole list of achievements you can earn! Achievements that you’ve completed at least once will appear in red. The counter at the bottom right of an achievement tells you how many times you’ve completed an achievement. That’s right, you can complete achievements multiple times to keep earning XP!

Once you level, let one of our staff know and you’ll get to pick out a perk. You’ll randomly select a number of perks equal to your level and then pick one to keep. Keep leveling up and you’ll have a better chance at getting those rare perks!

That’s it! Make sure you come on in and sign up if you haven’t already. Happy achievement hunting!