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Board Game Demos? We Have Them!

September 28, 2014 (Board Games)

We’ve finally gotten around to indexing what board game demos we have at the store. Come in and enjoy them in our play space! Without further ado, we have the following board games available for your perusal:

Boss Monster
Cheaty Mages
Colossal Arena
Cosmic Encounter
Dungeons & Dragons: Lords of Waterdeep
Dungeons & Dragons: Scoundrels of Skullport
DC Comics Deck Building: Heroes Unite
Dread Curse
Dungeon Roll
Epic Spell Wars of the Battle Wizards
Game of Thrones
Last Night on Earth
Munchkin Bites
Munchkin Cthulhu
Naruto Shippuden Deck Building
Pixel Tactics 3
Power Grid
Puerto Rico
Race for the Galaxy
Sail to India
Samurai Sword
Say Bye to the Villains
Settlers of Catan
Seventh Hero
Shadows Over Camelot
Shinobi Clans
Small World
Stone Age
Street Fighter Deck Building
The Resistance
The Stars are Right
Ticket to Ride
Tsuro of the Seas
Unspeakable Words


September 12, 2014 (Dreadball Coverage)

It has been a wonderful first season. There have been some magnificent plays and some terrific matchups. I’d like to thank the officials for their hard work in helping us all learn not just the rules but sportsmanship and etiquette as well.

At the end of the season, 8 teams have emerged as solid contenders for the Season 1 Championship.

Here are your brackets!

Dreadball League Playoff Bracket


Now, for those who haven’t made the playoffs, you will all get a chance to still participate!

Once we have determined our Top 4 teams, we will be giving a chance to every non-playoff coach to predict who they think the champion will be. Correct predictors will be entered into a draw to win a prize!

All playoff games must be scheduled with an official as they require an official to be spectating the game! Teams will be playing Best of 3’s. Coaches are unable to hire new players, however free agents and MVP’s are still available. Games may be scheduled starting Monday, September 15th.


September 8, 2014 (Dreadball Coverage)

Players Wanted Dreadball League Season 1 : Final Week Recap

RankTeam NameCoachPointsScoreRace
1Damage ControlDuncan2343Forge Fathers
2Dark Side of DreddHenry2223Teratons
3Shaolin ScumbagsJoe2014Astarians
4Central Red ArmyDaniel1919Z’zors
5The CrickettesTucky1819Z’zors
6Tenta CoolsEdward1714Nameless
7ColossalnautsVuong178Humans (M)
8Smash and BashMatteo16-11Orx & Goblinz
9Chaos DunkJoseph14-11Forge Fathers
11Thunder ClapChad123Forge Fathers
12Rat QueensRiley12-3Veer-myn
13Assassin’s ChargeAndrew12-9Teratons
14Get Off My Lawn!Charlie11-4Humans (F)
15Con MalamarisKris11-8Nameless
16SBFF ValkyriesVincent11-23Humans (F)
17Capsule CorpAJ9-16Robots


The season comes to a close as the top 8 teams have settled into their final rankings.

Crimson Division

Shaolin Scumbags took to the field this week against SBFF Valkyries. The Valkyries had a must-win double-landslide week to have a shot at the playoffs, whereas the Shaolin Scumbags simply needed a win to secure their spot in the playoffs. The Valkyries, injured and bruised, tried to put up as much as a fight as they could, but the Shaolin Scumbags showed no mercy as they pummeled the Valkyries into the ground. The aftermath: Landslide victories for the Shaolin Scumbags.

The second must-win game of the week was Chaos Dunk versus Dark Side of Dredd. The Dark Side of Dredd had already secured their playoff spot but wanted the #1 seed in the Crimson Division. This week, the fans were amazed to see The Enforcer take to the pitch on the Chaos Dunk side. The coach of Chaos Dunk must have spent quite a bit to secure the fastest guard in the entire galaxy for this series. The Dark Side players were up to the challenge as 3 Dark Side players kept The Enforcer in check all game. Game 1 ended with a 2-point strike from the Dark Side of Dredd team. Game 2 saw the Dark Side of Dredd completely dominate the now desperate Chaos Dunk. In a division that isn’t known for mercy, even The Enforcer was unable to stop the onslaught of the Dark Side players; Landslide victory for Dark Side of Dredd. Chaos Dunk drops to 9th position and doesn’t make the playoff cut. Chaos Dunk will need to regroup for next season.

Obsidian Division

This week was another showing for the #1 Seed Damage Control against the last place Stormbringers. Fans were expecting a slaughter, and they were not let down. The Stormbringers took to the pitch with a couple of free agents. In fact, it was rookie free agent Philippe that dodged the oncoming dwarves, and scored a 3-point strike to start the game. Fans were ecstatic! Scouts were paying heavy attention. However, Damage Control exercised tried and true tactics to crush the Stormbringers. The inexperience of the rookie players for the Stormbringers showed heavily as they were unable to handle the physical presence of Damage Control. Game 1 ended 6-0 in favor of the dwarves, and Game 2 ended in a convincing landslide. There is potential for the Stormbringers, but they’ll have to wait until next season to show what they can do.

The Central Red Army versus the Handsomebots was a relatively quick series. The bots have been struggling all season to perform. Many blame the coaches, some blame the mechanics. Any debugging would have to over the off-season as the Central Red Army won the first game 3-0. The Handsomebot jacks showed clear signs of malfunction as they kept falling over as they tried to score. Game 2 was the quickest game to date, with many of the Handsomebots unable to fully function. The Central Red Army land-slided in the fifth rush of the game to secure #2 seed in the Obsidian Division. Hopefully we will see a new firmware update for the Robots next season.

Alabaster Division

The #1 and #2 teams took to the field against each other to determine who deserved to represent the Alabastar Division as the top seed. The Colossalnauts had an uphill battle as the Superstar Guard, Rosie of the Crickettes ran amok on the pitch. Game 1, the game stayed very close until the final rushes of the game where the Crickettes locked down the Human strikers preventing them from scoring. The speed of the Z’zor strikers proved to be the deciding factor of the game as the Crickettes take it by 5. In Game 2, the Colossalnaut coached devised a devious plan to destroy Rosie. He called an audible and 3 Human guards rushed Rosie, looking to squash her like a…  bug. However, the Crickettes coach saw it coming and readied her star player for the counterstrike. Rosie dodged the assassination attempt and locked up all 3 Human guards for the rest of the game. With all the attention on the physical players, #14 Flo snuck behind all of the Human players and scored a 3-point strike, breaking the deadlock and winning the series. The Crickettes look to be a fan favorite as they enter the playoffs as the #3 overall seed and the Colossalnauts barely make the playoff cut.

Tune in on Thursday for the playoff bracket and the post-season festivities! The League will be taking a one-week break as the teams gear-up for the post-season run.


September 2, 2014 (Dreadball Coverage)

Players Wanted Dreadball League Week 4 Recap

RankTeam NameCoachPointsScoreRace
1Damage ControlDuncan1831Forge Fathers
2Dark Side of DreddHenry1714Teratons
3Shaolin ScumbagsJoe1614Astarians
4ColossalnautsVuong1516Humans (M)
5The CrickettesTucky1411Z’zors
6Central Red ArmyDaniel149Z’zors
7Tenta CoolsEdward1314Nameless
8Chaos DunkJoseph13-2Forge Fathers
10Smash and BashMatteo12-11Orx & Goblinz
11Thunder ClapChad103Forge Fathers
12Rat QueensRiley10-3Veer-myn
13Assassin’s ChargeAndrew10-9Teratons
14Get Off My Lawn!Charlie9-4Humans (F)
15Con MalamarisKris9-8Nameless
16SBFF ValkyriesVincent7-23Humans (F)
17Capsule CorpAJ5-16Robots

The playoff picture is beginning to come into focus after a tumultuous week of jockeying for position. After the final week, we will be taking a break week for coaches to train their teams and get them prepared for the best of 3 playoff games. For those not making the playoffs, do not worry as we’ve got something special planned! We will be closing out the final week of games with a closing ceremony where we will award the Striker Award and a playoff speech.


Crimson Division

The Crimson Division suffered from quite a few delays as the only game that wasn’t cancelled was the Shaolin Scumbags verses SBFF Valkyries.

The Valkyries had two must-win games this week up against the surging Shaolin Scumbags. The teams were fairly matched until Hrist, the only Valkyrie Striker was sent to the sin bin from a questionable sucker-punch foul. The Shaolin Scumbag looked ecstatic as the Scumbags closed the game with a landslide victory. Game 2 was more of the same as the referees were quick to penalize the Valkyrie players. Fan outcry fell on deaf ears as all of the Valkyrie ball-handlers were sent to the sin bin. The Scumbags seal the game out with another landslide victory. It’s going to take a miracle for the Scumbags not to make the playoffs!

The Con Malamaris players are still recovering from their accident, resulting in a default win for Chaos Dunk. The Thunder Clap team was unable to be reached. League officials are investigating their whereabouts.


Obsidian Division

The powerhouse Damage Control took on the struggling Handsomebots. After their amazing week 2 performance, the Handsomebots have not shown us their spectacular play again. The game stayed close up until the dying moments as Dunphy nailed a buzzer beating 3-point strike to end the game stealing the victory away from the Handsomebots. Game 2 took a turn for the worse as the Handsomebots were helpless to the full-on aggression play of Damage Control. Damage Control seals a landslide victory while Handsomebots suffer 2 casualties.

Tenta Cools and the Central Red Army took to the field to settle who deserves to go to the playoffs as the Obsidian Division’s second seed. Game 1 had strikes flying back and forth. The Tenta Cools built their lead and attempted to close out the game with a landslide victory but the Central Red Army successfully defended against it. Game 2 had the highlight of the week. With a 4-point lead, the Central Red Army was sure to win the game, but Tenta Cools Chaymar, spurred on by his coaches, leapt into the Red Army’s 4-point strike-zone and buried a game-tying shot in the face of the Red Army’s terrifying Keeper. Alas, with all of Tenta Cools players too worn out, the Red Army marched on and scored the 1-point strike to win the game in overtime.

The Stormbringers and Capsule Corp were unable to play their game as the Capsule Corp players had to catch their transport flight.


Alabaster Division

The Crickettes and Smash and Bash headlined a true slugfest as both teams took to the field. After 12 rushes of dogpiling, followed by two longshot plays, the Crickettes failed to score any points. The Smash and Bash team was able to secure a 1-point strike on the 14th rush to win the game. The Crickettes lost #6 Clara as her implants were salvaged. Game 2 saw the Crickettes mount a comeback as they were able to finally shake the scoring troubles. Smash and Bash found themselves outgunned and finally fell to the Crickettes. The Crickettes had secured second seed with this win, with next week possibly cementing their first seed position. Smash and Bash need to score some huge wins next week to make it to the playoffs.

The Colossalnauts and the Assassin’s Charge took to the field. Both teams still within playoff contention. The focus was on physicality as the Assassin’s Charge players and Colossalnauts traded casualties on both sides. The Colossalnauts squeeked out a 2-point win. Game 2 saw both teams focus on scoring instead of slamming, however Assassin Charge jacks were unable to score a single strike all game, as the Colossalnauts closed out the game with a landslide, pushing them to the #1 seed this week.

Get Off My Lawn and Rat Queens were unable to play their games this week, resulting in the first ever double default loss.

No team has locked down their playoff seeds however, quite a few teams were eliminated from contention. Tune in next week for our final week recap!